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Pricing Plans

Our pricing reflects high value for numerous reasons, foremost among them our hands-on, personal approach. We believe that quality service is personal and attentive, ensuring that every client receives individualized support and guidance. This bespoke service model guarantees that we address the unique needs and challenges of your business with a human touch.

Additionally, our expertise is not just theoretical but HVAC industry tested and experienced. We bring years of industry-specific knowledge to the table, which means our solutions are not only effective but also relevant and practical for the HVAC sector. This depth of understanding translates to more efficient and targeted strategies for your business.

Moreover, we include comprehensive SEO services in our offerings. In the digital age, visibility is crucial, and our integrated SEO strategies ensure that your online presence is strong, helping you to attract and retain more customers organically. This integral component of digital marketing is included without additional charges, adding to the value of our service package.

Lastly, despite the premium nature of our services, we maintain a low-cost monthly pricing model. This approach makes our services accessible and sustainable for businesses of all sizes, ensuring that even smaller enterprises can benefit from top-tier service without the burden of substantial financial commitments.

Foundational Tier

Your commitment to this package is finalized with a 100% upfront payment, and a monthly hosting and maintenance fee ensures your site remains operational and secure.

The Foundational Tier offers a solid start for businesses seeking an online presence. With responsive web design based on 1 of 5 modern templates that looks great and function on both desktop and mobile, this package includes a standard security measures, and an initial SEO setup.

We integrate and help track a straightforward contact form and ensure your visitors can connect with you on social media with basic integration. We also ensure your website is listed with Google Search, Console and Analytics.

Ideal Business
A startup or small business owner who's just beginning their online journey. This client recognizes the importance of an online presence but needs a straightforward, cost-effective solution that establishes their brand without extensive customization. They're looking for quality work without a hefty price tag or a prolonged development timeline.

Foundational Tier

  • Duration: 3-5 weeks.
  • Payment: 100% upfront.
  • Responsive Web Design for desktop and mobile.
  • Basic security measures and SSL certificate.
  • Google My Business, Google Search Console and Google Analytics integrations.
  • Initial SEO setup (title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags for images).
  • Contact form integration.
  • Basic social media integration (icons that link to your profiles).
  • Monthly hosting and maintenance fees @ $165 /month.

Competitive Tier

Your investment in this tier is made easy with a split payment of 50% upfront and 50% at launch, and a monthly commitment covers hosting, maintenance, and bi-annual SEO checkups and a monthly consultation with our brand professionals.

Stepping up to the Competitive Tier unlocks a suite of advanced features for businesses ready to edge out the competition.Along with everything the Foundational Tier provides, this package dives deeper into on-page SEO, custom and unique website (not a template), and a dedicated Blog section. Insights are at your fingertips with Google Search, Console and Analytics.

Ideal Business
A growing business or an established small-to-medium enterprise (SME) that understands the value of standing out in the digital space. They're looking to upgrade their online footprint with enhanced features, better user experience, and tools that provide insight into their audience's behavior. They're ready to invest more to see tangible growth in their online engagement and conversions.

Competitive Tier

  • Duration: 4-6 weeks.
  • Payment: 50% upfront + 50% at launch.
  • Fully customized and unique website.
  • On-page SEO optimization (keyword research and integration, SEO-friendly URLs).
  • Custom design elements and animations.
  • Blog/News section integration.
  • Google Analytics setup and integration.
  • Image gallery or portfolio showcase.
  • Up to 3 custom plugins/extensions integration.
  • Monthly consultation with a brand professional.
  • Monthly hosting, maintenance fees, and monthly SEO performance checkup @ $355 /month

Empire Tier

Payment is staggered for convenience at 50% upfront, 25% halfway, and the final 25% at launch. The monthly fee encapsulates hosting, ongoing maintenance, regular SEO updates, and a quarterly review of your site's performance to ensure you remain an empire in your industry. On top of this, your account will have a dedicated brand manager to consult you on a bi-weekly basis.

For businesses aiming for digital, local or r dominance, the Empire Tier is your comprehensive solution. Building upon the Competitive Tier's foundation, this package introduces advanced SEO tactics, custom-developed functionalities, and the possibility of e-commerce integration. Whether it's connecting with a CRM, optimizing site speed, or gaining the benefits of a CDN setup, this tier is about maximum impact.

Ideal Business
Large businesses, or organizations that aim for a significant digital impact. These clients have complex needs, often requiring bespoke functionalities, advanced integrations, and top-tier SEO. They see their website not just as a digital card but as a robust tool for sales, engagement, and brand leadership. They're prepared to invest in a premium solution to ensure they're at the forefront of their industry online.

Empire Tier

  • Duration: 6-9 weeks.
  • Payment: 50% upfront + 25% halfway + 25% at launch
  • All features of Competitive Tier.
  • Advanced SEO tactics (rich snippets, schema markup).
  • Custom-developed functionalities (custom post types, unique features).
  • E-commerce integration (if needed) with up to 20 product listings.
  • Integration with CRM/Email Marketing tools.
  • Speed optimization and CDN (Content Delivery Network) setup (optional).
  • Custom 404 page and enhanced user experience elements.
  • Priority support and faster response time.
  • Training sessions for the client on how to update and manage their site.
  • Monthly hosting, maintenance fees, monthly SEO updates, and quarterly performance reviews.

Ready to let your brand do the talking?

Customers of Johnstone Supply - South Texas benefit from our preferred pricing structure, which is designed to offer exceptional value for our suite of products and services.

This exclusive pricing policy ensures that our loyal clients have access to competitive rates, allowing them to invest in their business's growth while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

We are committed to providing not only top-tier solutions but also financial advantages that support and appreciate our customer base, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership.